3 Pillars To Become Skilled at No-Code, and Building Automated Workflows

Since 2019 I have been mentoring a select number of people.

I work one-on-one with you to teach you, and refine, your automation skills.

And, the business skills necessary to consistently make $3,000-$5,000 USD a month online as an automation freelancer.

(If that is part of your goal)

These skills and hard lessons were learned on my own journey.

Going from a software engineer to an automation freelancer and agency owner traveling around the world since 2016.

There are zero expectations on this call.

Even if we do not work together, this call will give you a gameplan of…

  • Understanding where you are on your journey
  • Where you want to be
  • And how I see you getting there.

Student Success Stories

Jarret is already successful multiple-business owner. His goal was not to become an automation or programming expert. He had 2 goals.

First, to be able to quickly test project ideas himself.

Second, to have better conversations and coordination with his technical team. 

Thomas built the skill-set and confidence to become flooded with freelance clients.

Thomas was already freelancing in his network.

But he didn’t know if he was following best-practices with his projects.

Online resources weren’t helping him. Online videos weren’t helping him.

He wanted someone who could help him further develop his skills.

So he could confidently take on more and more projects.

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