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I’ve been creating content on YouTube since early 2020.

It’s a mix between tutorials, lessons I’ve learned from building my own business, and just my personal journey.

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A collection of podcasts, articles, & appearances I’ve been a guest on.

100K Freelancer Club Logo

100K Freelancer Club

I  joined Jacob Brickell, one of the hosts of 100K Freelancer Club, to talk about my freelancer journey, tips for new freelancers, and how Leapfrog Leads came to be.

Power to Live More with Jo Dodds

I  joined Jo Dodds to talk about how to introduce automation into your business, my journey as an automation agency owner, and examples of automation in different businesses.

SC001: Gavin Wiener, Leapfrog Leads, Building Tools For Upwork Freelancers & How AI Will Impact The Service Industry

Talking about the journey of Leapfrog Leads, how I’d build a SaaS now (+ some GPT-3 talk near the end)

Loved our riffing on ideas in the 2nd half.

Side Hustle Nation – Leapfrog Leads is recommended as resource for Upwork freelancers. I am a co-founder of Leapfrog Leads

ETH Cape Town Hackathon Winner – I was part of the one of the winning team of the ETH Cape Town Hackathon 

Creating Capital Podcast

Talking about how I got started with my automation agency and what it’s like to like to travel and work online.

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