Journey to Automation Freelancer, Agency Owner, & Business Consultant

Hey, it’s Gavin Wiener here.

Born and bred South African.

Back in 2016, I had a “good” job, working for as a software engineer for a well-known online fashion company.

“Black Friday” celebrations at the office

But I was miserable and scared.

Today I’ve lived in 4 countries, visited 10+, and most importantly, and moving closer every day towards sending my parents on their dream trip and giving to my other family members.⁣

Me in 2016.⁣
– Had graduated with a good degree (Business Science + Computer Science)⁣
– I was working for a well-known fashion brand in my home country, South Africa⁣

But I was not happy, I…⁣
– Dreaded waking up every morning to sit in traffic⁣
– Did not look forward to the work I was doing⁣
– Was thinking almost every day, “What am I doing here”⁣
– Was stressed⁣
– Knew I was capable of so much more⁣
– Was living SCARED, scared to do the things I knew I wanted to do, which I knew would become regrets the longer I waited⁣

Me in 2021…⁣
– I’ve visited 10+ countries, and lived in 3 for an extended periods⁣
– Regardless if it’s during a “work day”, I can spend time on my passions, surfing, and kickboxing⁣
– I haven’t “had” to be anywhere for the last 4 years⁣
– I get to work with new and exciting projects and clients which help me learn what I like and don’t like⁣
– I got to be “stuck” in Bali for almost 2 years, where my ANALYTICAL and SUPER LOGICAL mind was BLOWN OPEN by meditation, spirituality, tantra, learnings about relationships, energy, and just what might be out there ⁣
– Surrounded by people who inspire me and they’re having incredible impact on the lives of the people they work with⁣
– I’m happier and more relaxed than I’ve ever been⁣

And it truly came down to the people I had around me.⁣

It’s HARD to go it alone.⁣

But you see others investing in themselves, taking calculated risks, and achieving incredible things.⁣

Some of my steps were a bit “drastic”, but I needed to commit.⁣

But in most cases, you just have to START.⁣

There’s an even more incredible version of you waiting on the other side of those “scary changes”.⁣

Surfing ‘Uluwatu’ in Bali, Indonesia

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