Why I Became an Automation Freelancer (My Mission)

Why did I get into automation?

The reason I got into automation work comes down to goals.

Goals for myself, and goals for the businesses that I help.

One of my leading goals and beliefs in life is to build a life of freedom.

A life that you and I are spending time on the things that we enjoy.

And that we get to actively choose how we spend our time.

And that’s something I aim to offer the businesses I work with as well.

Setting up automations & systems allow me to help business owners like yourself in several ways…

Your business continues to grow.

You spend less time on the parts of your businesses you do not enjoy.

You can spend that time on either parts of the business you enjoy more, or parts of your life you were not spending time.

But it’s 2-for-1 in this case.

Helping your business with automations and systems helps me towards achieving my own goal of freedom as well.

By the way, my specialty is using tools like Zapier (I’m a certified expert) and ActiveCampaign.

Let me explain.

Back in 2012, I studied Business Science and Computer Science.

I’ve always loved computers. I grew up playing video games, I learned to code at school.

So I went to study it for 4 years.

But I also wanted to learn about business. 

I wanted to understand the bigger picture. How technology actually helps businesses.

I finished university and worked as a software developer.

I quickly felt the urge for freedom. I didn’t want to sit in traffic. I wanted to explore the world. And I had the perfect skill-set to do it online.

So off I went to travel and work online as a software developer.

But I realised something as I worked on bigger projects, with more clients, across different time-zones.

This did not align with my goal of freedom of choice.

These projects were value-able, but they were very time & focus intensive.

And very reliant on me.

I had created myself another job.

I had known about a tool called Zapier, but I hadn’t worked with it.

And I can’t remember the exact project, but I found myself helping a client with it.

And I thought, wow, I’m still using my technology skills, and I’m still helping businesses to grow but in more bite-sized ways.

And I knew right away this is the path to follow.

And from there, I continued to explore the world of automations & marketing automation tools.

ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, Mailchimp, etc.

And for me, these tools were easy. Much easier than coding a project. But not always easy for my clients.

It was a perfect pair.

I was moving closer towards my goal of freedom.

Even better, I was able to start training and finding others to join my team and support my clients to same the level I was able to much quicker than coding.

I could more easily step into the business owner role.

So helping you with automations helps me support your goal of growing your business, and having freedom.

And at the same time, supporting that exact same goal for myself.

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