Client Testimonials & Reviews

What clients and people I’ve helped along the way have said about the work I do. 💌

Veerle Opgenhaffen, Mindful Birthing

Helped with:

Consulted on business operations. 

I helped map out and create Standards of Procedures (SOPsfor the business.

Then, this helped me find, vet, and onboard a new remote team member more quickly, and without requiring a lot of time from existing team members.

Finally, I setup and customized a project management workflow tool so requests for marketing content could be submitted, monitored, and finalised.   

Arja Hendrikx, Online Coach & Teacher

Helped with:

Consulted on sales operations.

I set up easy-to-use sales dashboards for Arja’s team members.

This helped them manage, and restart, conversations better with potential students who had shown interest in working with Arja.

Sam Castillo, ExamPA

Helped with:

Consulted on sales & business operations.

I helped automate his email marketing & client onboarding using Zapier, and Mailchimp.

This helped Sam increase his open rates for emails, increase the speed that new students were onboarded, and a 4-hour task became just several minutes.


Matt Gluckman, Think Fitness Life

Helped with:

Consulted on business and sales operations to free up Matt’s time to focus on what he’s passionate about.

Created Standards of Procedure and systems to onboard and train a remote team member to assist with outreach messaging.

And setup dashboards for Matt to easily track progress. 



Helped with:

Consulted on sales operations.

Created an automation to help with sending outreach messages.

Previously it would take 4-5 hours a day.

The automation takes just 10-15 minutes.

Jonathan Solomon, Accounting Clients Accelerator

Helped with:

Consulted on business operations.

Created an automation to build a list of prospects. 

Previously, it was being done manually, and would take several hours.

The automation took just a few minutes.

Florentin Ionita, Elastic Perception

Helped with:

Consulted on business operations.

Setup automated onboarding and customer fulfilment systems using Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Drive).

Florentin could onboard a new student, and create all required docs and contracts, in just minutes instead of 1 hour.

Setup various automated emails so students are kept accountable and hit progress milestones.

Setup a dashboard using Google Sheets so Florentin and his team could manage and monitor students’ progress.

Derek Mertins, Green Pastures

Helped with:

Set up a high-converting landing page on ConvertKit for his new newsletter.

Created walkthrough video tutorials so him and his team would know exactly how to quickly update his landing page, and email flows.  

Matt Millstein, Old Soul

Helped with:

Consulted on email marketing automation.

Matt was stuck on a design and setup issue with Mailchimp.

If it didn’t get resolved, conversion of the emails would have been worse.

And he had already spent a lot of time trying to fix the problem on his own. 

Billy Whittle, Billy Whittle Coaching

Helped with:

Consulted on Facebook Leads ads and marketing automation.

Billy was not confident setting up the tech so he could run Facebook Leads ads and nurture those leads.

This stopped him running his ads, and generating sales calls.

The flow:

  1. Leads request a guide about fasting
  2. They’d receive it over Messenger, sent by an automated ManyChat sequence
  3. Leads are added to ConvertKit so they can receive email marketing


He had been stuck for several weeks, and it was resolved in just a few days.

Liam Kircher, Cleaning from Zero

Helped with:

Optimising and automating business operations and sales operations.

I worked with Liam and the Cleaning from Zero team for just under a year.

The goals were…

  1. Save time for every team member, especially the sales team
  2. Book more sales calls by setting up marketing automation and improving conversion rates at all points of sales operations
  3. Provide the sales team and sales manager accurate reporting and dashboards to make strategic and confident decisions


This involved…

  • HubSpot for CRM
  • Aloware for calls
  • ClickFunnels for building funnels and landing pages
  • WordPress for building the website
  • Zapier for additional automation
  • PandaDoc for contracts
  • OnceHub for scheduling calls.