Automate Your
Sales Operations
Customer Fulfilment

You’ve worked hard to get traffic & clients. 

Now give them a seamless experience to keep them happier, and longer.

And never forget to nurture another warm lead again 

(who might become your next best client)

Hi, I’m Gavin. Click the pic to learn more about me. Or, just keep reading.


Add $1000’s to Your Revenue by Improving Just This ONE Number

Get the FREE and simple Show Rate x Revenue Impact Calculator” that shows you how to improving just the show rate to your sales calls can add $1000’s in revenue per month your business.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. These points are along your whole sales process, that if you improve them, it’ll grow your business without changing your current lead flow.

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Some Clients We've Worked With

(Just a few of my 50+ clients since 2016)

Reptile Encounters

Cleaning from Zero

Agency Empire

Mindful Birthing

Why Even Automate Your Business?

As cliche as it is to say, time is money.

And this isn’t just regular time…this is potentially your time as the business owner.

Let’s say your hourly rate is $100 USD per hour

If you spend even just 30 minutes per day on an admin task…

That’s 2.5 hours per week, $250…

10 hours a month, $1,000…

120 hours a year, $12,000…

And it’s not just the direct time of the task.

You could spend that time on…

  • Improving the success your clients get
  • Improving what you include in your offer so you get more customers
  • Creating marketing content so you have a consistent flow of potential customers
  • Frolicking in a field somewhere
Wherever you want to spend it!
But ultimately, spending that time on other things that bring more value either to your business or life.

Client Results

Jonty went from having to spend hours on a repetitive “10 cent” activity to just minutes – Jonathan Solomon, Accounting Clients Accelerator

“It feels like I’m cheating, like I’m hacking the system” – Florentin Ionita, Elastic Perception 

About GWCA

I started Gavin Wiener Consulting and Automation in 2016.

50+ clients later, I’m achieving the 2 goals I created for my agency

Help me achieve my own business, life, and relationship goals.

And help you build a business that works for you, instead of you working for it.

And supports you to achieve your business goals.

(That helps you achieve your other goals as well, just like me)


– Gavin

Tools We Use

We specialize in and use the following tools to achieve great results for our clients:


ActiveCampaign (this is an affiliate link, regular link is here)

– HubSpot



– Google Sheets

This does not mean we don’t have experience in other website builders, email tools.

Just that they’re not our specialty.

Examples Use-Cases

These are a few automations every business, from our experience, should have.


Imagine giving your clients a seamless experience from 1st payment, to first delivering your services. That high-end experience. But not only for them. For you as well.

Knowing each new client you onboard is a breeze.

Sales Pipeline

Someone's raised their hand and shown interest in the work you do.

Awesome! Now don't drop the ball and forget about this.

Automate your sales pipeline so no one is forgotten about.

And make sure they show up to your sales call even more ready to join you.


Not everyone who learns about your business will be ready to buy.

But they might be in 3 months time...6 months.

You need a system to keep giving people value...

showing them how you can help...

and staying top of mind, when they are ready.

Automated Customer Reviews

You're doing great work for your clients. And potential clients should know that.

But you simply forget to ask between everything else you have to do.

7 Step Checklist To Automate Your Whole Business and Save 10+ Hours a Week

Automate your whole business with this FREE step-by-step checklist and framework.

  • Which automation tools you should use
  • How to learn those automation tools
  • How to identify which tasks you should automate first
  • And more…
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