Other Projects

You might know, my background is in computer science, before I transitioned my focus towards automation.

So over time I’ve built other big and small projects in various spaces.

(Some just for fun).

Leapfrog Leads is a service that helps Upwork freelancers win more projects on the platform.

It sends email notifications of new jobs that are the most relevant for the user just minutes after they’re posted.

This allows them to be one of the 1st freelancers to respond and increase their chances of winning the project.

Check out Leapfrog Leads here.

Google Doc Quick Opener is a Chrome Extension that allows you to open the various Google Docs from just the ID.

This works with Spreadsheets, Slides, Forms. 

Check out Google Doc Quick Opener here.

Sputniker is a Chrome Extension that allows you to quickly view the album reviews and ratings for any musician or band on the website Sputnik Music.

Click here to check out Sputniker.


Click the images above to see screenshots

I built a Telegram bot called Champion Your Mind.

The goal is to help internalise mindsets, frameworks, and quotes.

Just add all your quotes. And the bot will randomly pick one of the quotes each day, and send it to you as a direct message.

And or click here to watch a walkthrough of the bot

Quick Time Period Calculator is a Chrome Extension.


I often have a situation like, “What’s 6 months from now? I need to book another appointment”.

Or, “Sure, let’s touch base in 3 months time”.

And every time I have to Google, “What’s 3 months from now”, click another link, enter the values, etc.


So I created a extension that I could quickly click.

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