Zapier and JotForm Approvals

If you’re wondering how Zapier and the new JotForm Approvals flows work together, this short article will point out a couple of important things.

Someone recently asked me,

“How does this coordinate with the JotForm submission rules / Zapier automations already attached the the form being submitted? I.e. does the Zap only run if the form is approved?”

Summary: The JotForm submission will trigger only after the submission is either accepted denied. The big finding is; the Zap will trigger regardless if the submission is accepted or denied. Further, it does not appear right now (July 2021), that Zapier receives the information whether the submission was accepted or denied, so we cannot filter for the information.

Let’s say we’ve setup a Zap using JotForm.

A Zap that is triggered by a new JotForm submission

Even if we’re going use an Approval workflow, nothing needs to change in the Zap.

Data from an approved JotFom submission in Zapier
Data from an denied JotFom submission in Zapier

As you can see, the information is the same…

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