Wasting Time With Reptitive Business Tasks?

Do you know how much of your time is being wasted doing repetitive business tasks that you could automate through software?

And time is money 💸​

These tasks take your…​

– Time​
– Mental energy​
– Passion​
– Focus​

Away from the tasks that will actually grow your business.​

Some things like…​

– Improving your product / service (and customer experience)​
– Doing the actual work to its best quality​
– Thinking about the longer term vision​
– Connecting with new people who you may be able to help​

These are the things that move the “needle” in your business.​

But I know tech is everyone’s cup of tea, this my background, and I know there’s lots of biz owners in the groups…
Which is why I thought I’d share a bit on the topic.

✅ Why your business can’t grow without automation​
✅ Examples of things that you could automate​​
✅ Why you should use software to do it (and how seamlessly it works)​

(might be about a 5-min read).​

▶️ So why do you need automation in the first place?​

When growing a business, there’s a common roadblock…​

You only have so much time ⏰​

And you’ll quickly find yourself spending that time fulfilling tasks.​

You are the bottleneck 😨​

So, logically, you need to start delegating those tasks to someone (or something).​

I’m a big fan of growing my team, but it does take time to hire, train and costs more money.​

Software automation doesn’t need any training, it’s cheap and doesn’t make mistakes.​

It works while you sleep 💤, means your business isn’t reliant on other people.​

And it can do a lot more than a person could in the same amount of time.​

▶️ So what can you actually automate?​

From my experience, some of the most painful tasks to do in a business are…​

– Managing invoices and payments​
– Maintaining customer records and info​
– Lead generation​
– Organizational admin e.g. organizing files, sharing things with clients, etc​

▶️ And how can software be used to automate those things?​

I’m a realist, not everything can be automated using software.​

I might write another post about what we can do with admin that we can’t automate with software.​

(hint: the answer is systemising and then delegating)​

But in many cases, you can give software instructions to do these tasks that you’re already doing…​

But between each other for you automatically…​

24/7… ⏰​

Imagine payments were charged automatically…​

Invoices sent on their own​

Customer testimonials asked for and stored automatically​

Sharing documents, folders, and templates, with your clients when they start working with you.​


– Less headache​
– Less mistakes​
– More time for you​
– More mental energy​
– More unbroken focus​

Which can all then be directed back into those tasks I mentioned earlier that’ll actually grow your business.​

What are some things that pop up in mind that you wish you could automate? ❤️️

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